Compliance and Risk Management Services

Visence assists the institutions operating globally and financial institutions such as brokerage firms, asset management firms, money service operators, money lenders and Fintec companies, with ongoing regulatory compliance requirements and risk managements.  

We develop relationship with clients over time. Our diverse background, working knowledge of the regulations and unique expertise, not only help the clients to comply with regulatory requirements but also facilitate clients restructure their businesses through reviewing risk management and compliance programs. 

Compliance: Visence navigates clients with necessary registration requirements imposed by the regulators in order to apply for licenses or waivers. For well-developed firms, we review and audit compliance, AML/CFT, risk management and internal control functions so that any unexpected regulatory breaches can be avoided and the clients may be prepared for future inspections.  We also advise the clients on FATCA and CRS compliance issues.  Our trainings will cover up-to-date regulatory coverage around the world so that clients are well aware of requirements.

Risk Management: Visence assists international clients identify, assess and evaluate the threats to the cross-border project, earnings, investment and security. Our in-depth due diligence process will develop strategies to manage, control and respond to various risk. When such risks realize, we provide logistical support to such dispute and enforcement risks.  We have decades of experience in this area and will partner with you to provide a range of options navigate cross-border dispute risks.